How to create attention, interest, and sales?

Today’s target audiences are selective. Not surprising, as we are largely bombarded with messages. To reach through, advertising and communication must be relevant and engaging. We combine insights about our client with a high societal understanding and targeted creativity.

Our experienced creators uphold a high standard for ideas, design, and content, whether we are developing logos, graphic identity profiles, campaigns of various sizes and formats, individual ads, press releases, newsletters, or informational material for digital or printed media.

The common thread is that we are equally concerned about the effectiveness of advertising and communication as our clients are. Therefore, we prioritize  attention-grabbing features and sharpening of content – so that unnecessary packaging does not get in the way of the message.

  1. «Smart & Green», Conference profile for NCE Maritime Clean Tech
  2. Teinevikjo, logo and profile for property developer Ing. Jørgensen
  3. Servogear, product catalog for further profile