The Task: Develop a digital guide for the BTI collaboration model for the municipalities of Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord - and all other potential BTI users.

The Result: An accessible, informative and user-friendly tool that the three original clients are delighted with. As of November 2023, close to 100 municipalities have opted for our solution in their measures for children and young people.

Many children and young people in Norway have something they struggle with. The difficulties they experience vary enormously in severity, but with early and good help we can help them overcome the difficulties and prevent them from growing into bigger problems.

The municipalities of Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord have adopted the collaborative model Better multidisciplinary effort (BTI) as a method and working tool in the work for children and young people who are having a hard time. BTI provides a clear structure for how early efforts can be made and work holistically if you recognize some form of unrest for a child or young person. The BTI model should result in coordinated and holistic assistance measures for the person concerned and the family, through a clear recipe for progress and interaction between the home, various services and professional bodies.

In order to make this recipe as accessible as possible to all potential users of BTI, Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord turned to Zpirit with a request for a web-based BTI guide. See the guide here.

Through a close and good collaboration project with the three municipalities, we structured the information to be provided and developed an informative and user-friendly web solution. In the guide, emphasis is placed on concise and easy-to-understand language, easy maneuvering, and a short path to the necessary additional tools in the form of forms, templates, tips and advice. In addition to the guide itself, we also developed an associated, concise presentation – which the municipalities can use in information work/training related to the guide.

For us, the overall objective of the project has been to make the BTI model transparent, open and user-friendly for everyone, both employees in municipalities and professional bodies, parents, children and young people and other interested parties. In addition, it has been essential to make it easy and cost-effective for each municipality to adjust and maintain the guide over time, for the best possible local adaptation.

Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord launched the digital guide at the end of February 2018, and the feedback we have received from the clients is that they and their users are very satisfied with the solution.

Very nice to collaborate with you at Zpirit on this. You understood what I wanted to convey and translated it in an excellent way. We have a lot of praise for both the layout and not least the language on the website and the action guide. I also think that the site and the action justice leader make the communication between the services better and more understood!

Birthe Blokhus

Unit manager, Pre-construction services in Stord municipality.

We regularly receive inquiries from other potential users, and by the end of November 2023, close to 100 municipalities – from Lillesand in the south to Berlevåg in the north – have ordered their versions of the tool. The solution has also garnered applause and recognition from central authorities.

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