The Task: Develop a graphic profile for a new identity idea

The Result: A colourful profile with a modern and local character

Bømlo Folkehøgskule (Bømlo Folk High School) wanted a new uniform adapted to the school’s new idea of identity: labelled “experience”, and announced a competition between several neighbouring agencies to form their new expression.

As Bømlo Folkehøgskule’s agency over a number of years, we had gained an impression of what we believed to be the school’s uniqueness. We see the location of the school as an advantage among the folk high schools in Western Norway. Surrounded by the sea and rocky cliffs, and  with several mountain peaks close-by, there is no shortage of wonderful nature experiences for the students.

Our design proposal refined the school’s location through simplification of mount Siggjo, the nearby landmark towering high above the fjord. The logo works well in various formats and media, and retains symbolism and uniqueness both as a vertical and horizontal format.

We created a colour palette that reflects the surrounding landscape, such as the sea, the smooth and golden rock outcrops stretching into the sea, as well as the pine forest. In combination with new profile fonts, the colours appear modern and work well with the image profile.